Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday November 1

Steve was up and out of bed by 7:00 for breakfast. This is the first time Steve has really eaten anything other than a soda cracker. He loved the fresh pineapple this morning. Every bite he commented on how good it tasted - and the hot tea was also a hit. Steve doesn't really like hot tea - but this morning it was "glorious"! Eating wore him out and he soon fell SOUND asleep.

The pain medication makes him have bad dreams - he woke up to Senator Pence killing all the bunnies on the Whitehouse lawn and there wasn't anything he could do to stop him. Of course I get a good laugh about it, but Steve was very serious and upset that I didn't have compassion for all the bunnies! I think he is still upset with me about it.

It has been quite the morning - the drainage tubes are out, the catheter is gone, the IV's are out. There are only two tubes in him now: The pump that actually places pain medicine all around the heart/incision to numb it, and the oxygen tube. Steve has had an EKG, Echocardiogram and Chest X-rays as well this morning. His involuntary muscle spasms/jerking has subsided as he has been working on breathing deeper and longer, and for that we are grateful.

By early afternoon we were out of the Intensive Critical Care Unit and into Steve's new room in the heart center. I can sit beside him all day long now. That seems to give him much comfort. Of course the move exhausted him. I simply couldn't wait to give him a hot sponge bath and get his teeth brushed. So as soon as he was settled from the move from Critical Care to Room # 3036, I got his sponge bath ready and came out of the bathroom with a big smile on my face. I was finally going to get to do something that would make Steve feel better - - only to find him once again SOUND asleep. So much for the bath.

3:00 pm - Oh, the joys of the little things. 25 steps to the bathroom - toothpaste, toothbrush, Ivory soap, a washcloth, a towel, a shave, some deodorant, a clean hospital gown - and wonder of wonders - finally a pair of pants! My advice to you - don't ever take putting on a pair of pants lightly because putting feet into two small holes after heart surgery is a real trick! Ha. Did I mention that Steve is SOUND asleep again?

It's been a good Day. Steve ate a very good dinner and of course is now SOUND asleep. I'm ready to be home and sleep in my own bed . . . oh well, I am counting my blessings and for tonight, those blessings lay in the bed beside me - in the complete joy of my family and through the strength of our friends. God is good - who needs a bed!


Anonymous said...

Dear Jayna,

A better day for both of you - hooray! May tomorrow be even better. It is great that Steve is eating well; that can be a real problem.

God is good; bless you both!

Karen Fell

Anonymous said...

Jayna So good to get the report from today. Things will continue to improve now. My prayers have been with Sara all day. Your daughters are very special to us.
Love with our prayer
Gene and Ernie

Anonymous said...

Such good news! I'm sure Steve will progress faster with you at his side constantly. Still praying for you both and the family.

Adriene Riggle said...

There is nothing like the feeling of clean to make us all feel good. He will really feel good when he can take a shower on his own. I read that he did not want to take the pain medication. They always told me after both C-sections to not wait until the pain began to take the pain medicine and that by taking the medicine it would help me get up and around faster which would therefore build my strength faster.
We will pray for the pain to subside and for his strength to come back quickly. We will also pray for your strength. Spending as much time as you have been spending at the hospital can be difficult. Keep yourself healthy.


Marcia said...

Tell Steve we are so glad that he is making good progress Our prayers and thoughts are with all of you!!
Steve and marcia Lear

Anonymous said...

To Steve, Jayna, Barb & Al & family,

We have been especially aware of each day this past week as all of you were intensely involved. It has been only a few months ago that we went thru all this with our son Dan, once a little kid with Steve as new parents watched them grow. We feel with you the great gratitude that overwhelms you at times like this knowing that arms of love are holding you!
We are thankful with you!

Jerry & Esther Freed

Karen Fell said...

Dear Jayna,

What a beautiful message you left for us this morning. The people you have met, shared with, ministered to, will be in your heart forever. Having been on both sides of the miracle . . . the memories are very vivid.

Both you and Steve will comfort others with your love and prayers in new ways because of your own experience. More than ever, you will be a blessing to all you minister to in the future.

Love to you both,

Karen Fell