Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Well, it has been 5 months since Stephen's heart attack. I would have to say that the past five months have been the longest, hardest months that we have ever had to experience. Yes, the healing is going well - and Stephen does get stronger every day. Yet, the process of healing is so much slower than I ever dreamed it would be. The anxiety that something is wrong is so very real all the time. If his arm aches, I worry. If his jaw hurts - worry. If his chest feels heavy or he has trouble breathing, I'm anxious. We have no idea what to expect in this healing process. Five months seems like a reasonable amount of time to heal and be back to normal, however, Steve is far from being back to his old self. He looks great and sometimes he even has energy, and other days he is exhausted, weary and drags around the entire day. There are days that his aches are excruciating. The doctors say that it is all part of the healing process.

Steve has a hard time calling the doctor with all of his aches and pains and Jayna wants to call with every thing. This morning Steve met one of his pastor friends who had open heart surgery 8 weeks after Steve's surgery. This pastor friend really put my mind at ease today as he declared (tearfully) that this was more than he can handle. He is still in terrible pain and has gone back to the emergency room 5-6 times, only to be told that his bone and muscles were cut and the pain is just part of the healing.

I should be more patient with Steve. He really has done a wonderful job of taking responsibility for himself. He has totally changed his eating habits. He exercises every day. I could not be more proud of him taking responsibility for his own health. I enjoy learning about nutrition and trying new recipes. He never complains about what I make - and I even laugh when he gets a popcicle instead of ice cream at night and he declares how wonderful it tastes.

We are supposed to go to Disneyworld with all of our children/grandchildren in 8 weeks. I jokingly tell our kids - "Daddy and I will take the kids mid-day back to the hotel for a nap - Daddy will need one by then!" I think our children are planning on having the time of their lives while Grandma and Grandpa take care of the nap routine. Sounds wonderful for the grandkids and Stephen . . . but I think Grandma will get the raw end of this deal! Or, maybe not. . . I am over 50 now, perhaps a nap will be welcome??

This will be a very busy holy week, with Easter coming in a few days. Jason, Kendra and the kids will be coming to our home for Easter Sunday. I have already purchased some easter eggs to hide. Kinsen called the other day to tell me about the new dress that her daddy bought her for Easter. She just can't wait for me to see her in it. Hummmm.....I don't have a camera. I'm going to have to fix that dilemna very quickly.