Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter was wonderful again this year! Jason, Kendra and the kids came for dinner on Saturday night. We had wet burrito's. I found a recipe online that we think is better than Hacienda's wet burrito. I made it for Jason 3 weeks ago, and when he told me they were coming, he asked me to make them again. Oh, they definately are not heart healthy - they are smothered in cheese. I do my best to use fat-free cheese, sour cream and no salt - but they still are artery blockers I'm sure. Nevertheless, they were great once again.

We had an Easter breakfast at church along with a sunrise service, then on to the most glorious worship service we have had at Grace UMC. You know, one of those Sunday's where everything was glorious and ran perfectly. We began with horns, trumpets, and choir fanfare - children processing the aisle with small flag banners, followed by adults carrying large "He is Risen" banners, the choir processing and the congregation joyfully praising Christ. Stephen knocked the sermon out of the ball park - and we concluded with the Hallelujah Chorus. Kinsen and Jaybin go to a very small house church, so I enjoyed watching their intrigue with the handbells, the horns, the acolytes, the banners, etc...

For Easter dinner I fixed baby back ribs - once again, not heart healthy. But Jason likes them. And anyone who is a mother knows that you like to fix your kids things they like to eat! Stephen got to eat three bones! He sure took his time to enjoy every bite. Jason/Kendra took the leftovers so as not to tempt Steve. And, yes, even with us working hard at keeping the fats, etc out of his diet, he did gain 2 pounds! Oh, the task master I will turn into when the kids are gone!

This is spring break week for Stephanie and Daniel - they are going to go to Savannah Georgia for the weekend. Sara and Chris are coming up from Florida and they will get to spend a couple of days together. Then,,, in 40 days we will all meet in Orlando for our great celebration of everyone's Doctoral or Masters degree!