Sunday, May 2, 2010

I think we're improving

It has been a wonderful day of worship. Today was the "Wonderful Day of Methodist Music"...and did we have a great service. Stephen started the whole thing off by announcing that Stephanie was going to have her first baby by singing...I think I'm gonna throw-up...I think I'm gonna throw-up....I think I'm gonna hands and praise the Lord! You can imagine the glorious worship after a song like that! Ha. ha. (No, actually it was an incredible worship service)

We are throwing our hands up and praising the Lord...Steve was feeling so much better today. In Sunday School he admitted that this is the first time he has served communion for a long time that his chest, jaw and back didn't hurt him. Not only did he feel better today, his legs have been itching, hurting, with a horrible rash and when I went to put medicine on them this afternoon we noticed that they are clearing up and he claims they do not itch anymore! We actually were able to laugh today and perhaps life will take on some semblance of normalcy.

We are monitoring Stephen closely for the next 3 weeks trying to see if his work ethic, stress levels, and anxiety is what is causing his bypass failures... or if this setback was only a mechanical failure. I think we have decided that Stephen is going to resign from much of his extra work load and just concentrate on the local church that we are serving. That has relieved me some.

It just gets prettier and prettier

Yes...I actually took this bumblebee picture myself!