Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fall Leaves

Grandma gets to watch Jaybin and Kinsen every Monday - just for fun! We typically do all kinds of "grandma" things, like feed the fish, feed the birds, plant things in the garden, talk to Mr Tree, and go for walks to the park. This week, after we planted fall mum's in grandmas garden, we raked some of the very first leaves that had fallen off of the old black maple tree. Now, this was Jaybin's very first experience of playing in the fall leaves. At first he didn't want anything to do with it, but when he saw how much fun Kinsen was having throwing leaves at Grandma, he needed to participate in the moment as well.

playing in the water

There certainly is joy when Grant comes to visit from Virginia. Two cousins, not quite 2 years old yet, had a wonderful couple of days playing in the backyard blowing bubbles, throwing balls, trying out the hula hoops, getting soaked by the backyard hose in nothing but diapers, eating ice cream on the back patio, and feeding the birds.

Fishing with Grandpa

One of the best moments in life just happens to be fishing with the grandchildren. They snuggle up in your lap, sitting quietly and patiently just waiting for a little fish to bite. Then.....the bobber goes under and voila....you have a little bluegill on your line. The grandson screams..."no.....put it back" and the granddaughter won't have anything to do with fishing after she sees what it is she is actually doing. But, you have that precious picture of a "soon to be two-year-old" grandchild totally fascinated with grandpa for one brief moment..... and it is good!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Soccer game

What a joy to go to Kinsen's first Soccer game.
Check out our little soccer player.