Friday, April 3, 2009

March 18-28

I certainly was blessed this past week. I packed up the car and drove all the way to Jacksonville Florida to see Sara's family and to celebrate Mason's first birthday. With it being "March Madness" Sara decided to make a basketball birthday party for Mason. We made basketball cakes, served concession food (you know . . . hot dogs, hot pretzels, nachos and cheese, cokes, popcorn, etc. . . then for the health nuts, she had fresh fruit).

Isn't Mason a mess!?

Stephen wasn't able to spend the entire week in Florida, so he flew into Jacksonville on Monday after he preached in Kokomo. We saw the hospital where Chris is doing his medical internship. We saw the naval base and we also were priviledged enough to be with Sara and Chris when they purchased their first home. Well, actually the realtor told them that their offer was approved and then suggested that they could take Steve and I over to see their new place. WOW! It is a beautiful home and we are so very happy for them.

While in Florida, we went to a park, went to Amelia Island; went to the beach; potted tomatos, green peppers, and herbs; went to St Augustine's light house festival; spent one entire day at church and enjoyed the grandchildren.

See how well Steve looks now?

After 2 days in Florida, we took off for North Carolina to see our other daughter, Stephanie and Dan. Steve went with Daniel to one of his theology classes and readily admitted that the professor was way over his head! Jayna and Stephanie went shopping at one of Jayna's favorite places to pick up Christmas ornaments. And yes, she found another perfect ornament for Daniel's Christmas tree - For those of you who don't know it, Jayna buys her daughter-in-law the most obnoxious Mermaid Christmas ornaments she can find and lovingly presents this hideous mermaid to Kendra. For Daniel, she has found the most "precious", "lovely" animal character ornaments and this time she found a "kitty" that will adorn Daniel's tree something wonderful! For Chris and Sara, well Jayna finds motorcycles (and harley davidson stuff) to adorn this tree. One of the ornaments sings "Born to be wild"! Chris loves these ornaments, and Sara . . . well . . . let's say that she just rolls her eyes. My camera was dropped and thus broken, so I don't have pictures of our time in North Carolina. however, we had a wonderful time and Steve seemed to weather this little trip fantastically!