Sunday, January 4, 2009

Beutler "Wii-kend"

This year's theme for our family holiday gathering was entitled the "Beutler wiikend". Jason and Kendra planned this years fun. All gifts were centered around the Nintendo "wii" - not only that, but we had a great Olympic competition that lasted 2 days.

The reason for this theme was due to the fact that for the very first time in our life, one of our children could not be home for Christmas. Chris, Sara, Grant and Mason remained in Jacksonville Florida as Chris was "on call" at the naval hospital over the holidays. So, Steve and I purchased Chris/Sara and Daniel/Stephanie a Nintendo "wii" (Jason/Kendra already had one - so they got the Wii-fit). We also purchased games that we could play online.

Kinsen - our little princess - received princess dresses, tiara's, gloves, crinilyns, glass slippers, pretend wigs and princess jewelry and makeup for Christmas. Jaybin received a slot car which kept him busy the entire "wii-kend". We really enjoyed watching the kids open their presents from Grandma and Papa. We sent Sara's kids presents through the mail. Grant opened a Geotrax train/car set and Mason received a ball popper that he really loves. Sara, here are a couple of pictures for you to see Jaybin and Kinsen with their presents. We sure enjoyed seeing the pictures of Grant/Mason opening their presents on your blogsite.

Jason and Kendra put together a grand olympics tournament that we could play with Chris and Sara in Florida as we played in Kokomo. We really had a wonderful time, even though we all could not be together physically. Here begins the pictures of the "wiikend".

Aren't these great T-shirts?

Jason, Sara and Daniel kind of dominated the wiikend - Jason won the most gold medals - Daniel took most of the silver medals - Sara won oodles of medals as well. Stephanie won the boobie prize which consisted of a button that said "I tried, I really did"! The rest of us tried as well, but just couldn't keep up with the "pros". Alls I can say is that some people must spend way too much time playing while others of us have to do all the work! ha.

The fun part of the wiikend was that all ages were engaged and having a great time.

We began the Olympic day with eating an olympic power breakfast of fruit, granola, yogurt and bagels. Lunch - well look at this sandwich! (see the olympic rings? correct color and all)

There was 11 people and 3 dogs in our home for 4 days. Steve seemed to do very well with all the comotion. He did fall asleep on us and could not play all of the active games. But, he really did well and had a great time watching everyone.

Doesn't Daddy look good? Hope you enjoy these pictures Sara. We took hundreds of pictures. I will post them on snapfish so you can see all of them. We missed you so much -