Monday, May 11, 2009

Spring from a man's point of view

Well, Steve read the blog the other day and said "Hey, this carries my name (mostholyrev) and you write about "girl" stuff. I don't think of mushrooms, flowers, circuses or anything of the sort, when May rolls around, I think of Race Car Driving! So, on Mother's Day, mind you, we went to Indianapolis to the Speedway and watch the pole time trials - just to usher in spring from a man's point of view!

Jason, Kendra, Kinsen and Jaybin actually invited us to go with them, so being a "mother", this arrangement suited me well also.

We ate Tenderloin sandwiches that were as big as a large frisbee. (I know, not heart healthy, but since we were ushering in Spring from a man's point of view, we had to eat Man-sized, deep fried, tenderloin that was smothered in mayonaise!) The kids ate corn dogs (or as Jaybin said "that's a good hotdog on a stick"!

I got to experiment with my new camera. I tried to get pictures of the cars, so here is the car picture I took to "usher in Spring from a Man's point of view!
Now, on to the better pictures - (from a woman's point of view anyway!)