Saturday, September 5, 2009

Notre Dame Season

Hooray for Notre Dame season! Yes - Jason and Kendra take off for South Bend and we get to watch Kinsen and Jaybin! We have been having such a wonderful day. Steve and Daniel went with Jason and Kendra to the game so Stephanie and I have been playing all day with the kids.

Yesterday Steve and I cleaned out the attic. We ran across two boxes of toys that our kids used to play with - but have been put in boxes for 20 years! You know, toys like "make and bake oven"... "Light bright"... "Jewels in the attic"..."Labrinth".... "giant coloring books"... "tinker toys"... "lincoln logs"...."pick-up sticks"... We had to run to Walmart to get some pans to bake in the oven; we also picked up a tiny light to go in the light bright! The kids came at 9:00 this morning, and before you know it, the Notre Dame game had started (3:30 pm) and we missed the kick-off.

Jaybin has been playing with an old game of Jason's called "Weapons and Warriors". He has sat there for over 2 hours contented to shoot cannon balls and set up his kingdoms.

Kinsen always loves a grand tea party. We got dressed up in beautiful princess dresses and put on fancy hats. (I noticed that my "shape" has changed since I last wore my fancy dresses - humm... I guess more rigorous exercise will take place in my daily routine). Kinsen and Stephanie used the make and bake oven to make our special tea they were beautiful! Our dog, POOF, got the little debbie snack cakes as they were on the bottom shelf of the tea cart! She's laying around on the floor not moving for the last hour - - -

Right now the kids are playing a game I forgot all about called "Jewels in the Attic". This game is a "make your own story" game where you run all over the house ...Kinsen just told me that there is a green frog that keeps crawling up her pant leg...and a wolf is in the attic scratching the door trying to get out.. Stephanie used to love this game when she was a child and she is having a grand time remembering and running all over the house with the kids...I'm very happy to just be quiet right now.

Stephanie brought a movie for this evening. We are going to watch "the absent minded professor". I'm having such a great day.