Saturday, December 26, 2009

2 weeks of pure entertainment

Sara and Chris came home for Thanksgiving from Jacksonville FL to spend a couple of weeks in Indiana before they take off for their month's missionary work in Africa in January. We really enjoyed having them at home...we were so busy. Chris left after 3-4 days, but Sara and the boys stayed for 2 weeks. Which was good because I will be watching them for the month of January, and they do not know me very well.

We sure did alot of fun things while they were here... We went to the zoo, to a gymnastic club, we played on a zip line and played in the leaves... My yard has so many leaves... it takes forever to rake them but the kids thought raking leaves was a real treat, so one day we raked the entire yard and jumped in them for 2 hours... Kids make work so much fun!

It was rather sad to see them leave for Florida again, but it won't be long and I will go down to Jacksonville for 2 weeks to watch the boys while Sara and Chris will be on a month long medical mission trip.

Our entire family came to our home for Thanksgiving. I was so excited to use my brand new Dining room table and chairs.
When Stef and Dan moved back to Indiana, they needed a dining room table and chairs. We had been using Jayna's great-great grandmother's Dining room table and chairs for 33 years . I was afraid if Stef purchased a table/chairs, then in a few years when we are ready to scale down our posessions, no one would want this family heirloom, so we gave it to her now.

I pulled out my china and I had a wonderful time getting ready for our party.
This will be the only time this holiday season that we will have all our children and grandchildren together since Sara and Chris will be going to serve as Missionaries in Africa over Christmas.