Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pictures of Steve at Disneyworld

This Disney trip was a very precious time for Stephen and I. All of our children together with their spouses and the grandchildren in one place for an entire week! That is a real special treat. The other thing that kept running through my mind - especially since Stephen's heart attack and all that we have been through the last few months was how very precious life is! My mind kept playing tricks on me as I would be laughing, enjoying watching the family interact one moment and then next I would find myself crying. I was not prepared for my mind playing over and over again how close we were to never having Stephen with us ever again. The tears would flow and I would have to walk away for awhile until I got control of myself. I was thrilled at how well Stephen handled the entire week. He kept up, played just as hard, ate just as much as the rest of us and enjoyed every moment. Periodically I would catch him holding his chest as though he was hurting, but most of the time he was a real trooper.

Yes, while on vacation....I did allow ice cream. After not having any ice cream for 6 months, man it tasted good!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Grant's favorite Disney Character was Mickey Mouse. He kept calling him "My Mickey". Wherever Mickey was....Grant was there. Right before this picture was snapped, Grandma was holding Grant. Grant saw "my mickey" and crawled over uncle Jason and plopped right down on Mickey's lap.

Uncle Dan played alot with all of the kids, but I think that Kinsen had a "secret crush" on uncle Dan - because she....well, this picture says it all!

Look what the treasure box had in store for us the day we went to Animal Kingdom! Did our family look silly for the day? You bet!

The day we went to Mickey's Backyard BBQ, Chris could not decide how he wanted to wear his bandana, so he tried many different humorous ways - he had that thing on his head, on his feet, but wearing his bandana like a "bib" absolutely cracked me up!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Beutler's take on Disneyworld

Twelve "Beutlers" running around Disneyworld! Can't you imagine the chaos that created! We could not have had a better time! The pirate rooms were great fun! Here Grandpa is getting into the fun of playing on our pirate ship bed. A pillow fight - hey...pirates fight with swords, not pillows!

Okay....... Grandma will need to take care of this problem. Out of the treasure box came all kinds of pirate costumes, pirate hats, pirate swords, pirate suckers, pirate glasses, etc... and did we have fun!

Mason, our youngest grandson got to be the captain!

Yes, "pirates" is a great game to play - The swimming pool at the Carribbean Hotel had a pirate ship to play on, a pirate castle with cannons that squirted water and of course there is nothing more fun that walking the plank - plank at this pool, but there should have been! We had to take the slide instead!

The evening we went to Mickey's Backyard BBQ was one of my favorite memories. Grant would not leave "Mickey Mouse" alone. He was right beside Mickey the entire evening.

Kinsen was a little apprehensive about "dancing" with everyone watching her, but by the end of the evening she was having the time of her life.

I had fun bringing red bandanas and bubble gum "bag of gold" for everyone. I know everyone complained that we all "matched" -oh, well, I think we looked great!

One last little explanation of a picture before I just post a bunch of pictures that show what fun we had last week at Disneyworld.......this is a picture of Jason taking his "little princess" to breakfast with Cinderella in the Magic Kingdom Castle tower.