Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nice days have been few and far between this Fall - it has been so rainy and cold. Yesterday about noon our daughter, Stephanie called and told us that she and Dan, Jason and Kendra and the two kids were coming to Kokomo to go to Guffy Farm. They also informed me that a nice hot bowl of chili would be a welcome treat - and they would be here in an hour! So the kids came and began the afternoon by raking and jumping in the few leaves that had fallen in the back yard.

Guffy farms was a great place to take the kids. There was mounds of bales of hay for them to crawl all over...a whole pit full of shelled corn to waller in...a barrel horse to try your hand at lasso-ing...a big hay mound to jump in... and a 5 acre corn field carved into an impossible muddy muddy maze! We had a delightful afternoon and came home a filthy mess. Stephen had a funeral to officiate so he didn't get to play with us.

Check out the muddy path - our shoes were ruined.