Monday, September 22, 2008

New Picture of Mason

We took Mason outside today to take a picture of his alpaca teddy bear that Aunt Stephi and Uncle Dan brought back from South America. Sara really got some good shots of him -

Sunday, September 21, 2008

More outdoors

Grandma is always doing gardening and Grant loves it! Any opportunity Grant gets to go outdoors he jumps at the chance. I wish that Sara and Chris had a big backyard for Grant to explore because he loves trees, flowers, bugs, spiders, backyard fences, and helping Grandma and Grandpa do whatever they are doing.

Wow, all four!

Sara went for 2 days to visit Jason in Indianapolis, both of them love photography, so they spent Sunday taking pictures of all of the kids. We certainly are proud grandparents. We do believe that our grandchildren are the best looking (smartest, kindest, happiest, loving) grandchildren in the world!

Playing in the Back yard

Grant and Mason love to be outdoors. If Mason is fussy, just take him outside and he immediately is happy. Grant begs to be outside. He loves to run, play in the water, dig in the garden, climb fences, stack wood, play hide and seek in the flowers, feed the birds, pick tomatoes and green peppers and pick flowers by yanking the blossoms from thier stem! Its amazing that kids that are so active and wear us out so can look like little angels....