Tuesday, January 12, 2010

For Sara and Chris

Hey, Sara and Chris - I thought you would like to see your kids and that all is fine on the home-front. We are having the time of our life.... I am posting some pictures for you, as you will notice I am not in these pictures, but believe you me...it's not because I am not doing anything! I just am the one taking pictures. Grant is at his first "play date" right now with Samuel Henry and Mason is sleeping. I heard that the Ohio River Valley is supposed to have the "storm of the century" on Fri, Sat, Sun (which is the days we are to travel home) and so I came to the library to check out the rumor. (I think we will be fine going home, it doesn't sound that bad.)

Know that your Grandfather has had to keep busy, and it has been very cold here in Florida. So he has straightened the garage, unplugged sinks, changed light bulbs, cleaned the back porch, washed windows, and he is now touching up the paint in the kids room! He wears me out, but is so funny.

Here are more pictures of your kids...we hug them and kiss them all the time for you. Grant seems to know that Mommy and Daddy are "taking care of sick people". He is okay with that until he sees Mommy holding some other child's hand, or Daddy talking to someone in your pictures, then he says he "doesn't want to share his Mommy and Daddy".

Your Grandfather talked to your pastor yesterday and emailed him your blog address, etc... Grandpa follows your blog religiously...he cries every time he reads it. He was very moved by Chris's comments and every time he talks about it, he still cries.

Love you both...wish we could see what you are seeing...and experiencing what you are experiencing. We so look forward to the next posting and pictures when you get out of the "bush country" and back to some semblance of civilization. Mom