Monday, May 31, 2010

What else could go wrong?

We were hoping that this year was going to be a wonderful year, heart attack issues over, but we are still dealing with issues that throw us for a loop. This last week we got a call from Dr Ritchie's office telling us they were setting Steve up with a Blood specialist as he seems to have too much hemoglobin in his blood. Hemoglobin makes blood thick, and he can't have thick blood with the four new stents that were just put in.

We met with the blood specialist on Wednesday. Dr Seekri is doing more tests on Stephen's blood to find out why he is producing so much hemoglobin. After meeting with the doctor, I'm not so upset as I was when we heard that Steve now had another problem. The doctor didn't think whatever was going on with Steve's blood was we wait for the outcome of his latest testing. He has another appointment next week. He also has another appointment with Dr Ritchie this next week.