Saturday, July 5, 2008


Last week Stephen and I were taking a walk with our dog, POOF. POOF was really excited about taking her walk until we rounded the corner and a big brown dog come running out of his house and attacked POOF shaking her like a wounded bunny. Needless to say, POOF was badly hurt. Many, many stitches later and her entire torso wrapped in bandages, she is surviving. It was a tough decision as to whether we should put her to sleep because her wounds were so bad, but now that we are through the worst of it all, we are glad we were able to save her. This posting is really for Sara/Chris in Florida and Stephanie/Daniel who are currently in South America - just so you can see that POOF is good!

Her bandages are to be taken off tomorrow, so I will take pictures so you can actually see the extent of her injuries. They showed us at the Vet today and it looks really awful! She looks good with the bandages -

Fourth of July

We certainly had a wonderful time celebrating the fourth of July with Jason, Kendra, Kinsen and Jaybin. The entire day was enjoyable playing basketball, soccer, blowing bubbles, having a cookout and topping the evening off by going into the city of Carmel where they had a festival complete with a firetruck, an orchestra in the town gazebo, and elephant ears! Watching the fireworks through the eyes of children certainly is welcome once again in our lives. Kinsen smiled through the entire event saying "this is a really good show" and Jaybin clapped the entire time.