Friday, July 25, 2008

Sara moves to Florida

Sara and Chris are now in Jacksonville Florida - it makes us so sad that we don't get to see the grandchildren as often as we would like, however, she does a great job of posting pictures and videos for us to see. Grant and Mason are growing so fast.

Grant is 2 years old here and Mason is 3 months

Brickyard 400

I don't know how I did it, but I got Steve to take a day off today! What fun it was to see Nascar's Brickyard 400 at the Indianapolis speedway. Nascar is celebrating the 15th year of racing in Indy, and yet we have never been to see them. Actually, the Nascars were quite a bit slower than Indy cars and the experience didn't feel quite as exciting. Nevertheless it was wonderful to get away from our church work and experience another world! It was soooo hot today sitting at the track in the sunlight at 86 degrees with no breeze. We took the Solstice covertable and had the top down experiencing the hot sun all the way there and back. A tall glass of ice water and a good luke-warm shower was certainly welcome when we walked into our air-conditioned home.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day two at Grandmas

Day two at Grandmas has proven to be lots of fun! Oh....let's see, what did we do? Well, the kids got here around 7:00 a.m. and we had oatmeal for breakfast. Oh, and hey...Jaybin likes grapefruit! We hung laundry on the line outside. Now, this was a novel function for the kids, because they ran through my clean laundry with broomsticks for over an hour - screaming and laughing and knocking my clean laundry on the ground. Kinsen soon learned how to re-hang Grandpas big colorful T-shirts which I think became the game more than riding their pretend horses through the entourage of dangling clothing. We proceeded to a rousing game of climbing on the bunkbeds and throwing stuffed animals on each others heads. Soon we embarked on making sweet tea, which I might add the children love - a lot. Grandpa came home at lunch and put on Sleeping Beauty for Kinsen to watch while she ate her lunch of Chef-boy-ar-dee Ravioli (which was grandpas request). We had a big conversation as to what Sleeping beauty's name was....was it Aurora, Briar Rose or Sleeping Beauty? After lunch we took naps (all of us, including Grandpa). THEN....outside once again to run in the sprinklers. The sprinklers were not a hit, but take the sprinklers off the hose and voila, we had of the greatest degree. Check out these pictures.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Grandmas Garden

Check out my garden this year. It is really pretty now with all the day lillies blooming. I enjoyed taking pictures of Kinsen and Jaybin today while we were moving plants and digging in the dirt.

A Day With Grandma

Kendra is taking her last class this summer for her Masters Degree in Journaling. Grandma and Grandpa get to help by watching the children while she is studying this week.

Today we had a tea party, played soccer, softball, volleyball, Hula hoop, gardening, watering flowers, barbie dolls, boccerball, pool, basketball, watched the Chipmunk Adventure, ladder golf...... and grandma was exhausted by the end of the day.... a whole week of exhaustion - I can't wait! How in the world do our children handle this day after day - after one day I hit my bed by 9:00 p.m. and slept harder than I've slept in a month!