Monday, August 20, 2007

Mosaic of pictures

If you double click on the picture, it will enlarge.

We have so many good pictures I thought I would post a mosaic of pictures for you to look at.

Picture #1 - The city port of Monaco France
Picture #2 - Swiss Alps
Picture #3 - Swiss cows (notice the cowbells)
Picture #4 - Ludwigsburg palace in Germany
Picture #5- Buckingham Palace England
Picture #6 - Steve at Coliseum in Rome
Picture #7&8 - Venice

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Oxford University

Oxford was indeed the highlight of Stephen's Renewal leave. He was quite surprised when they asked him to sit at High Table for the first evening's dinner. What an honor however as he was instructed to dress formally, sit at the head table and the prayer was to be said in Latin - whoa, better bone up on my latin. After Steve was seated then everyone else could be seated. Sounds rather snooty, but he seems to have enjoyed the experience because he tells everyone about it. The picture on your left is the dining room (where Harry Potter was filmed) where Stephen was "head-table sitter"

Classes were very inspiring. I think they will help answer some of our questions concerning modern trends in the church and theology. The afternoon class particularly addressed some questions concerning enthusiasm in the American church today. There is not much time to do anything else but classes and study. At Steve's discussion table were 2 bishops; an ambassador from Belgium; a very wealthy financier from West LA, California who just loves theology (his neighbor is Tom Cruise and the Beckham's); a university theologian; and Steve! This is a picture of Christ Church College where he studied. The study experience was a great mind stretching time that he will never forget. He could have enjoyed even more of the academic time there.