Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blowing Rock and Grandfather Mountain

The day before Stephanie and Daniel left for Huancayo Peru in South America we spent enjoying the beautiful town of Blowing Rock North Carolina with them. We stayed in a lovely 3 suite hotel and ate (way too much) southern style cookin' at Danl' Boones Restaurant. You know the kind of food....swiss steak, fried chicken, virginia baked ham, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, baked apples, green beans, banana pudding, strawberry shortcake, apple butter and homemade biscuits....ummmmm. Yes, and we ate it all! So, that night we hiked a trail in Blowing Rock and walked the very exclusive stores where we purchased old fashioned candy (which we did not need at all, but we certainly seemed to polish it off before we got home!

Dad and Daniel tried some Suma Wrestling while in we were in Virginia and Stephanie and Mom enjoyed catching up and enjoying being together!

After Dan and Stephanie left for the airport, we then went to Grandfather Mountain to see the biosphere there. The animals we saw were wonderful as well as walking across the mile-high bridge! It was a long ride home, but we did have a wonderful weekend.

Is there a doctor in the house!

Why, yes there is. . . Dr. Christopher Ronald Worley, DO - What a weekend of celebration in Blacksburg VA as Chris graduates from medical school and is promoted to 1st Lieutenant in the Navy. A lot of pomp and circumstance as well as marching, saluting and eating! Steve, Jayna, Grandpa/Grandma Beutler, Stephanie and Daniel all enjoyed sharing in Chris' special day. My favorite memory of the weekend was when I had to take Grant out of the graduation exercise because he just couldn't be quiet any longer. Grant wanted to see his Daddy graduate because his mommy told him that this was a very fun, special day for his Daddy. As I would try to take Grant out of the auditorium, he would cry and say "Daddy, watch" - Then he would take my face in his hands and say "Daddy, fun"! He wanted to watch every moment and when Chris finally walked across the stage, from the back of the auditorium little Grant yelled "Yeah, Daddy"!

Grandpa is having too much fun playing with Grant's Birthday present!

Mason, who is 10 weeks old, is smiling and cooing all the time sporting off his little dimple on his right cheek!