Friday, October 31, 2008

I just came from being with Stephen in Critical Care. They let us go in about every 2 hours - so I got to see him at 2 and at 4 this morning. He is looking great and remembering details even before surgery. Today he is a little afraid of the pain. He keeps mentioning that he had great peace before the surgery, and this is the part he dreads and that scares him the most. Steve says over and over again that God certainly gave him peace before surgery and that his prayer is now for strength. So if you are praying for Steve - he needs strength today -

It has impressed me how very important it is for Steve to tell people that he loves them and how important they are to him. Whenever I tell him that I heard from someone, he asks if they know how much he loves them . . . then he tells me things about each and everyone that make them so special to him. That has been very precious to me - to hear his heart about the lives of the people who have touched his life. I am cherishing every moment.

Yesterday for some reason was very emotional for me. I cried all day - this morning I am still quite weepy, but have determination that we will get through this day and move one step closer to healing and getting him back home. They tell me that today will be the hardest. They are going to get him up in a chair this morning - and then he will be taking a walk around the ward this afternoon.

Again, thank you for your prayers. I am forever humbled Jayna


Anonymous said...

I am so grateful to hear how Steve is progressing. Yes, it may be hard in the coming days. No can deny this. But we are praying for his strength and yours. IT may be difficult for a little while but I believe you and Steve will overcome all this into a new even more effective ministry. Right now we are praying for strength over the pain. My heart is with you both.

Anonymous said...


We have all been praying for Steve. Thank you for the very personal and informative blog updates. I am so grateful for modern medicine and the ability to save his life. Yesterday was a rough one for us, they discharged Dad from Rehab Hosp. (after 6 weeks hospitalized) and we moved him to an assisted living facility in the memory care. VERY Emotional for us. So, we are so sorry we can not physically be there, but know you are in our hearts and prayers !
love you sweetie,

Anonymous said...


It is so wonderful to hear that Steve is so alert; we pray that he will not have the pain he is dreading. With you and God at his side, he will get through this; he will have that strength. It is such an emotional time. The weeks after Jack's open heart surgert broght us closer than we had ever been.

With loving prayer for you all,
Karen Fell

Anonymous said...

Steve & Jayna,
Great news on your successful surgery Steve! Now the physical healing begins. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as, Steve, you deal with the pain and Jayna, as you deal with watching the man you love go through this.
Love you guys.
Rich & Cheryl Mcdonald

Jon and Camella said...

I am glad to hear the surgey went well. Know that we are praying for strength for all of you.

The Rodgers

Marcia said...

Steve and Marcia Lear
Steve we have been praying for you. Also for strenghth for the whole family. We know God is touching you daily and healing you.
Jayna, I can cook clean or do anything else you need while Steve is in the hospital. Just give me a call or have someone in the family let me know what I can do to help. Our number is in the book under Steve Lear.

Janet and Bill said...

Dear Steve, Jayna and family
Our thoughts and prayers join the many others that are there with you. We appreciate the blog so much. You are kind to share what is happening each day. Everone reading the blog cares deeply and we have a bundle of questions, which you have answered so well.
We have been praying for Steve's medical care, for comfort, strength and healing. We also lift each of you for rest and strength
(and whatever else you may need).
We are rememberinmg Psalm 107:8 and indeed are "giving thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and for His wonderful deeds for men."
With Love to all
Janet and Bill Elsea

Grace Marie said...

You have been in our thoughts and prayers all week. We love you and are so thankful you have such a wonderful support system near.

Continued peace & healing,
Grace Marie & Rob Ransom

Tim & Susan said...

We are so happy that Steve is doing well. We can't wait to see you both, and to have you back home. We love you so very much.
Susan & Tim

Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor Steve & Ms. Jana,

I'm so happy to hear that Pastor Steve is doing well. I will continue to pray for strength for each of you. Love to you all.

Lynetta Fish

Pat Stewart said...

Jayna, my heart and prayers are with you. My husband had the same thing a few years ago. Steve is getting the best care he can get and I want you to know that I am specifically praying for your strength and courage and trust in our Good God during this time. Of course, I will continue in prayer for Steve's healing as well. Blessings to you both! Pat

Beth said...

Pastor Steve & Jayna-
You've been on my heart and mind daily over the last week, with many prayers for speedy recovery and strength being lifted on your behalf. I have been reading every word written on your blog, so thank you for sharing and keeping us updated. My love to you both-
Beth (Alderton) Ernsberger

Wayne and Sarah said...

We are so thankful to hear Steve is doing so well! You will never know how much comfort the "Most Holy Rev" site has given to us in our wanting to keep up with Steve's progress back here in New Haven. HIS and Steve's strength is certainly shining through!
Our prayers continue to be with you all.

Wayne and Sarah Sovine

Anonymous said...

We finally have the computer up and running after the move to Florida. We are glad to see that things are progressing as expected and that Steve will now begin the healing process.
We have been getting our reports from Al and Barb and have kept you all in our prayers.
Steve will be a new man after this!
Uncle Jim and Cathy

Trish Richhart said...

Pastor Steve, Jayna, & family,

Know that we are all keeping you in our prayers. We have been praying for complete healing and the "peace that passes all understanding" through everything that you all are going through.

Thank you for sharing and keeping us updated through this blog.

With love,
The Richhart family:
Barry, Trish, Elizabeth, Anna, Patrick, Abi, & Rachel

Melinda said...

Dear Steve & Jayna,
Thank you so much for the blog update. Your updates are inspirational & a gentle reminder of how precious our loved ones are to us. Please know you are in my prayers daily. I know that Steve will have the strength to recover from this "bump in the road". Jayna, make sure to get your rest, I know it is hard now but you need to keep well.
Keeping you close in thoughts & prayers.... Melinda Showalter

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends--

I sit here in the office (which is closed) and remember all the memories of ministry and neighboring. The joy is we all shared and loved the Lord. There has been a beautiful peace through this and God has once again proved to a world that He is sovereign.

Thankyou for allowing all of us to walk this special walk with you. I pray you felt the strength pouring out upon you.

You are sooooo loved. Get better soon.

Blessings and love,

Dave and Marilyn (604 Elm Street)

David and Donna Brownfield said...

Steve and Jayna,
We are so happy that Steve's surgery went well and he's progressing through the steps of his recovery! God is so good!!! We'll continue to pray for both of you and your needs for strength, healing, peace, and rest. God will bless you as He provides for you. We, too, feel blessed to have shared in your story through your blog. The updates have been both comforting and inspiring to us, but we look forward to being with you both again soon in person. :)
We love you!
David and Donna Brownfield

robin halberstadt said...

from the Halberstadt's

to Steve, Jayna, Jason, Sara and Stepanie. our prayers are with all of you.
steve - the pain will disapear. it will be taken away.

just know that a big hug from the halberstadt clan comes your way.

love and prayers.
robin, jef, charles and carson.

sheridan and shane cox.

Anonymous said...


I am happy to hear that Steve is doing well. We are praying for both of you. You are special people.

Ron & Ginny Bennett

Anonymous said...

Hi Jayna -

So glad to hear Steve is doing so well. Methodist is a great place as we were there for nine weeks when Ron had brain surgery after his accident. You've had an emotional let down; I, too, remember doing that. Get some rest after the few hetic days are over.

I called Larry Newberg this morning to give you a message in case he came to see you. A person can stay in the Towers for a cheaper rate if you have a patient in Methodist and also you can park free over there from about the 3rd floor up. Check it out. At least in 2001 it was that way. Of course in seven years, things change Also a Methodist cop will take you to your car if late at night. To bad Crawford Deli closed because that was a good out from hospital food.

Love and prayers to both of you for Steve's quick recovery. Sounds like he is a very lucky man!

Janet Burkhalter (Ron also)

Anonymous said...

Glad to know Pastor Steve is on the road to recovery, I'm sure God still has work for this FOB!!! Jayna, if anything we can do---- Let us know. You are both in our prayers. Mark & Pam Brown P>S> I missed Steve at Stan's Thursday evening.

Ponz and Lil Ponz said...

You are continuously in our prayers. We were so thankful to hear everything continues to go well. Such an amazing example of faith.

God bless,

Chris and Sarah Ponsler

Anonymous said...

Steve and Jayna

We are sure thankful for Steve's successful surgery. We can say we identify with you both as Wilma had quadruple bypass in June and is doing well. Those first few days will soon pass. We are thankful for all the prayerful and practical caring support you are experiencing. Jayne, just accept your emotions as they come. God is a part of your tears.
Larry and Wilma Ray

Anonymous said...

Jayna and Pastor Steve we have been following your blogs and are so glad to know you are improving. We continue to pray that you will regain your strength; just don't rush it. Grace church needs you--in good health. Gil and Eileen Thomas