Saturday, November 1, 2008


Stephanie and I spent the night in the after surgery waiting room. The chairs were less than adequate for sleeping, but we managed to pull two chairs together and make it work. Jayna was in checking on Steve every hour or so. Really he did very well - the pain medicine kept him pretty sedated.

Yesterday flew by as we witnessed Stephen's initial recovery from open heart surgery. They did get him out of bed to sit in a chair. The nurse told him that they were going to get him out of bed 3 times today for about an hour each time he would sit. After they got him in his chair and he experienced the tremendous pain in the move, Steve suggested that he just sit there for 3 hours and forget the getting in and out. The nurse laughed and said - sure that was fine with her knowing full well that his suggestion was impossible. Steve was very funny as he sat there for the first 5 minutes saying "hey, this isn't half bad - I think I'm going to make it." Stephanie and I were very encouraged thinking "wow - Dad looks good". About 10 minutes into the "sit" - he couldn't focus, then nausea, then heaving, then shallow breathing, then begging to be put back to bed - 15 minutes into the experience! So much for three hours.

The second time did not go any better and the third - well, they decided to not even try. Stephen has begun having involuntary musclespasms and jerking. Last evening the doctor suggested that Stephen is not breathing deep enough, thus not getting enough oxygen. Steve is trying to be so strong and not a big baby so he has been refusing to take much pain medication. The nurses upped his pain medicine so he would breathe deeper. Hopefully that will help.

The day was long and quite boring. The family could only come in at 10:00; at 2:00 and at 7:00. So there was alot of sitting around with the realization that the rest of the stay would be similarly boring. We arranged a flight home (North Carolina) for Stephanie - she left around 8:30 last evening. Sara Jayne will be leaving in the morning for Jacksonville Florida. Sara is driving the entire way with 2 babies in the car - those of you who are praying for/with us, that is my prayer request for the day - for protection of this family while on the road. Jayna went to Jason's house for the night as they gave Steve a sedative to help him sleep.

It is now Saturday morning November 1. Dr. Coffey just came in and told us that they were going to remove his drainage tubes, catheter and some of his IV's. Later this morning they would remove him from ICU and put us in a room with more privacy and comforts. They even suggested that Steve would be walking around the ward some tonight.

I am very much aware that Stephen is on the mend. Please know that it has brought me great comfort just knowing that all of you were praying and keeping updated on Steve's progress. I'm sure from now on, it is just going to be the daily mundane routine of getting better. I promised the girls that I would keep this blog updated for them. I know the prayer request will be remain the same - just keep on praying for healing and strength. I'm doing great - I am sleeping well and gratefully watching Steve get stronger every moment.


Anonymous said...

Dear Steve and Jayna,
Jan and I have been so happy to hear of Steve's progress. I figured the surgery would be a snap, but as you indicated, the hardest work is yet to come. Recuperation and rehabilitation can be a drudge, but the most important part of the process. We will pray for your endurance, strength and Jayna's patience. ;o)

I'm sure that Pastor Chris is keeping you informed about the church. It is doing fine and all are pulling together. Your impact to the church has been seen in the way everyone pulls together. We had a great "Trunk o Treat" last night. Not sure how many kids came through, but it seemed like more than last year. Many happy faces were seen on both sides of the candy basket. The Ponslers are a great asset to the church.

Please don't worry about anything here and concentrate on getting better.

Our prayers and thoughts are with you every day.

Greg & Jan

Anonymous said...

So happy that you had a decent night's sleep. You need it. You are right, the road ahead is just working at it every day and there are times of difficulity. But I know you both will come through this with flying colors. I will pray for the travel of the girls. Tell Steve to TAKE THE PAIN MEDS!!! If not for himself for you. WE already know he is a brave man. Love you both. My heart is with you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jayna,

We're sorry yesterday was so difIficult. I wondered about you all day long. It is a slow process. If Steve likes to have his feet rubbed, try that to relax him; even hands, neck and head. It seems soothing and may help him to breath more deeply. By the first of the week, he will probably feel better, not so much pain. As you both know, prayers are healing and there are so many, many being said for both of you!

With much love,
Jack and Karen Fell

Melody said...


I love you. You are an amazing woman. If Steve has that thingy he has to blow into to expand his lungs. Make a game out of it. That is what I did with Dad. Plus it helps him breathe deeper. I am praying for contined healing, patience and strength for you all and safe travel for the girls. Try and get the sleep you need.

Dee Dee Raye

R Roberts said...

Just want you to know we're still here watching the blog and praying. Let us know if you need anything. Take good care of yourself.


Anonymous said...

Steve and Jayna,

I am so thankful for this blog. I love both of you so much and it is amazing to see what God is doing through this difficult situation for you and for Steve. I am constantly praying and look forward to seeing you both one day soon. God's peace, faithfulness and care is felt through every word on this blog. Please let me know if I can practically do anything for you both. You both are examples that hopefully one day I will be.


I love you Steve!


Shirley Hoy said...


It's so good to read the blog everyday and see Steve's progress. I will really appreciate the blog while I'm away. You and all your family remain in my daily prayers, including prayers for travel for your girls.

You and Steve are such strong people and I know with your strength and faith as well as everyone's prayers, we will see you both soon.

God is good, all the time.

Paula Gast said...

Dear Jayna,

Sharing your ordeal brings the Lord much glory and honors Steve appropriately. I thank God for the witness you both share with us. May you continue to sense the Great Physician's continued healing in all areas.