Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Good morning everyone. We have been so very humbled and honored by all the love, prayers, and support of so many people. I cannot express enough the blessing that Stephen and I are experienceing through this entire crises in our life. The first thing we have learned is the importance of love. You hear and preach all your life that you can "know we are Christians by our love, by our love....", but when something like this happens and you find that love poured out on you, your perspective of what "love" is changes dramatically. Not only have you all been so concerned and offering up continual prayers, you have written/shown words of appreciation and great love for Steve and myself. We are so humbled; and so blessed; and so loved.

We have met with Steve's surgeon, Dr. Coffey, this morning as he is preparing us for the events of tomorrows surgery. He suggested that this surgery process will begin at 6:30 a.m. and be completed around noon if all goes well. Steve will be in recovery for 4-5 hours before we can actually go in to see him. I think it is going to be a long day. However, the ladies from our church have packed a great basket of snacks, food, drinks (and even Soduko)! Dr. Coffey informed us that the original intent was to perform bypass surgery on two-three arteries, however, they have pretty much determined that they are also going to bypass the stints that were put in to save his life while in Kokomo. That could mean up to the dreaded 4-way bypass. My heart is heavy.

Steve seems to be very relaxed this morning. He is laughing alot. The doctor staff have begun to refer to Pastor Steve as the "F.O.B." around here. Instead of asking "how is it going with Rev. Beutler"....they ask "well, how is the F.O.B." Upon my great shock at such a name for my wonderful kind husband, they informed me that "F.O.B." means "Friend of Bishop". Bishop Mike Coyner is the Bishop of the Indiana Area United Methodist Church. As soon as he found out that Steve had a heart attack, he contacted the head of the cardiology department at Methodist Hospital and arranged to get the best doctors, rooms, care that Steve could possibly have. When we entered the hospital, the entire hospital had heard about Steve as a very important person that needed special care. The head of the cardiology department has personally come down to meet Steve; the CEO of Clarion Health Network has met us; the entire Cardiology team has been in. I've been rather embarrassed at all the attention, but our children are thrilled that their father is getting such fabulous care. The medical staff all find it terribly funny around here to call a minister a F.O.B., so that name has stuck - much to my chagrine.

Also, while Steve is sleeping and I have time to read the blogs and emails, I thought I would respond to the many, many questions about the name of our blogsite. It seems that most people think of Steve as one of the most humble servant oriented pastors on the face of the earth and his blogsite is called "most holy rev" - not a very humble sounding name at all. It has caused a lot of laughter and amusement amongst our readers!

As you have probably guessed, there is a story behind this name. When our first Grandchild was born, Jason and Kendra handed her to Kendra's mother saying "this is Kinsen Ariana Beutler, what name would you like for Kinsen to call you" - whereas Connie Lightfoot said "Grammy" - and Paul wanted to be called "Gramps". I was the traditional "grandma" and Steve....well, he just couldn't face the fact that he was old enough to be a grandpa so he took the sweet bundle of joy in his arms and said "you can call me 'Most Holy Rev'" whereas our entire family broke out in peals of laughter. When we went on our sabbatical last summer our children wanted us to have a blogsite so they could keep up on our 3 months of travel, so they took care of setting up the blog and taught us non-techinical parents how to use it. It was meant as a family "joke" that would not be for anyone elses eyes. However, when the heart attack took place and we were receiveing 150+ phone calls and emails a day, we thought the fastest way to get information out would be to use the blog - sorry about the pompus name - it is really a family joke!

Thank you all for your love a prayers. We definately have great peace and calm in the midst of this storm. Sometimes I get very anxious and I have had trouble praying. That really has bothered me because I am leading a Women's Bible Study on "The Power of a Praying Woman" and I am now having trouble giving control to my Heavenly Father for fear that his ways are not my ways. It has truly been a struggle for me of which last night I was finally able to trust God with my beloved husband. I know alot of you have been there yourself - now perhaps I, too understand... Love to each of you - God is good, all the time...... Jayna


Deana Sue said...

Jayna and Steve, When one cannot prayer for oneself that is when the prayer warriors take over in the mist of the storm. You know as well as myself the power of prayer works miraculous miracles. God is in control and has his healing hand on Steve as well as touching lives that may not have been touched in any other way. Love to chat later on the phone so give me a call whenever you become available. Love you both, Deana Sue

Darlene Pinkerton said...

The Holy Sprirt intercedes for us even when we can't verbally express ourselves. God knows our hearts in those instances too. Prayers for Steve and the family are constantly going particularly tonight and tomorrow. May you feel God's wide arms surrounding all of you and know that your Christian family holds you even when we cannot be with you.

R Roberts said...

Enjoyed our visit today. We are praying for you both. It was good to laugh with Steve today. Laughter is good medicine! When I heard about the heart attack, I kept thinking about the exchange between Steve and I the Sunday before about chocolate covered raisins and brussel sprouts. I just kept remembering his laughter as I teased him and pondered why it is that the Senior Pastor gets chocolate covered raisins while the Associate Pastor gets brussel sprouts. My prayer for you both is that God will continue to bring you joy in the midst of this very scary ordeal. May God's peace rain down upon you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jayna and Steve,

Our prayers for you are ongoing. May God grant you each a restful night and may tomorrow be the beginning of Steve's healing and new strength. An already beautiful relationship will be stronger!

Karen Fell

Shirley Hoy said...

Jayna, it is so good to read the news of Steve's surgery. God definately is good all the time. When Anny's mother called from Nairobi, I told her about Steve. She is fully aware of how much help he has been to Anny amd wamted me to tell you that they are praying for him in Kenya. How's that for having a prayer chain half way around the world. God is definatley answering our prayers. But we know it's not totally over yet, so prayers will continue for you as well as Steve. You get some rest now so you can continue to be strong for Steve.

Anonymous said...

Jayna & Steve--I know Congressman Pence & he would NOT kill he bunnies on the White House Lawn. He really is very nice. Seriously, we are SO glad Steve is doing so well. I am grateful God has answered our prayers for you both. I know you will be happy to be home in your own bed again. Dan mended much faster after he came home from the hospital. Great things are ahead for you.
Barbara & Dan Bourff