Thursday, October 30, 2008

To be continued 2

Steve has the breathing tube out of his throat and is now awake and able to talk to his family tonight. He completely "wiped out" each of his kids with his great words of love for them. When Jason and Kendra walked in the room Steve cried and begged them to just "hold my hand". When they said they were going to let him sleep, he said "just hold my hand a little longer...I love my kids...I'm so proud of you...."

Sara leaned over to kiss her father and he said "Oh, that is soooo good. That is what my life is all about. Don't quit".

Stephanie came breezing in the room and her daddy said "has anybody told you you're pretty?" and when she kissed him he said "one more". She got the giggles.

Kinsen was having trouble sleeping the night before the surgery. Jason told Steve that Kinsen was quite upset that Grandpa was sick. So, after Steve came out of the anesthesia he specifically told Jason to tell Kinsen that "Grandpa is just fine, he just got a new zipper".

We all had to laugh when his parents walked in the room and he said...."well I finally found my elephant" refering to the fact that he was totally confident that he was not having a heart attack because he always heard that a heart attack felt like an elephant sitting on your chest.

We are so encouraged that Steve is doing exceptionally well tonight. For some reason, however, the entire family is tearful.


Melody said...

Steve, Jayna, Jason, Sara Jayne & Stephanie.

Praise God. All of our prayers continue to go out to you all. Since I found out about Steve, I have not stopped praying. What an Awesome God we serve. He is the true Physician. Please have a group hug as I can not reach all of you.

I love you and will continue to pray for a speedy recovery for Steve and continued love and support for all of you. I know it is not easy. When Uncle Ray went thru it, it was one of the hardest things I had to do. It was so hard seeing Mom be so strong until we knew Dad would be okay. I know that is just what you are doing Jayna. But Jesus is Lord and our Strength! Amen and Amen!


Anonymous said...

Dear Jayna,

How I wish I could reach out and return one of your dear, sweet hugs! Thank God for prayers that are being answered. May both of you have continued strength as Steve continues his return to good health. Bless you and all of your beautiful family.

Karen Fell

DawnMarie said...

My dear sweet sister, how my heart has ached to be there with you. I've been in constant prayer today;I even went out in the Beautiful Black Hills hiking where I always feel the whispers of God. It was a glorious day where the sun shone down so warm and when I looked up to heaven, I just knew God had Steve in the palm of his hand and everything was going to be just fine! I came home only to find GoD ANSWERS prayer! Thank you for sharing your tenderest family moments, comical and pain. It has touched my heart in so many ways to see the love that you all share and I know "through it all" this will bring you all closer than ever. I love you all...Dawn

Deana Sue said...

Dear Jayna, Steve, Jason, Sara, and Stephanie and family,
As I went through my day with my 26little ones in the classroom today, I felt a peace in my heart that God's healing touch and peace was and is still upon our family. God has blessed all of us especially the closeness that you all have for one another. With the busyness of the day my prayers went out toward the strenghth that Steve needed throughout the surgery. I had complete peace and my energy level was at a higher level because God gave me the peace that He is touching Steve and healing him completely with a new heart. I love you all and will continue to keep you in my prayers for Steve's recovery and strenghth. Chat later. Love Aunt Deana Sue

Deana Sue said...

The majesty of the Black Hills, What an awesome way to pray for those we all love. Love Deana

Anonymous said...

Praise God! We are thrilled to get today's news. We will continue to keep you all in our prayers.
As you might guess, lots of love and prayers from Evangel Heights folks, Your family will always be special to so many in South Bend.
Blessings to all,
Sally and Scott

The Kalks said...

We are extreamly excited to hear all the good news. You came through it with flying colors. Just like with my dad several years ago, attitude has a great deal with how you respond. Keep up the strength and know the love is continuing to pour in for you and your entire family. Such happy news. Love you bunches, Doug, Sherry, Lindsey, and David.