Tuesday, October 28, 2008

10/28 - Heart Attack Log

The surgeon came in this afternoon and made some schedule changes. Steve's surgery will take place Thursday morning (10/30) at 7:30 am. This just means the family will be getting up earlier to go to the hospital to see Steve prior to surgery.

The surgeon was also talking to the family about the stints that Steve received. Normally, bypass surgery doesn't occur so soon after stints have been put in. Therefore, he is a little concerned about Steve's body rejecting the stints. During surgery, he will have Steve on the ventilator and heart pump and he said the worst case scenario would be the stints are rejected and then he would just do a six way bypass.

Steve is eating much better and walking at a good clip around his hospital floor. One of his nurses says "he's shaking his tail feathers". He seems in good spirits and has asked for his "old man" mask so he can put it on for the doctor in honor of Halloween. He wants to tell the Dr. that he feels like he's aged since he's been there. Guess he still has a good sense of humor!


Deana Sue said...

Steve prayers going your way from OR and AZ. Love you both, blessings and a speedy recovery. Love Deana

Anonymous said...

Each blog sounds more promising. We continue to lift you up in prayer. Surely your doctors know where your resilence comes from now. Please continue to improve. Jayne, there is a prayer shawl on its way to you. Cuddle up with it and be healed, also. We love and miss you both.
Betsy and Bill Brotherton

Anonymous said...

Steve, Jayna, Jason, Sara & Stephanie,
Sending you all prayers and well wishes for what's ahead.
Love, Rich & Cheryl McDonald

Anonymous said...

Praying for you now and especially tomorrow morning.
Eileen (Claypool) Ahlersmeyer

Anonymous said...

Yeh you cann'y do this it's just not right I'm 2 weeks older than you. On a more serious note our thoughts are with all of you; may
you all find the strength and peace you need to get you thru this. Oh yes! please tell Steve its not his time yet we still have some good times to share and maybe another trip to Florida with a
Nealson Son of Smealson CD ( He will understand this when you tell him )

"The RABBI" Rich