Friday, November 7, 2008

Every day Stephen continues to get stronger - and a little more active. Yesterday his big undertaking was going for a walk outside. It was so beautiful yesterday. He walked 5 houses down and 5 houses back. Naturally it wiped him out for the rest of the day, but he said it felt wonderful to get out of the house for awhile. Today he wants to go for a ride in the car to see all the fall color in the trees, but it is already 3:00 pm and he just hasn't had the energy, or been awake long enough.

Steve's mother was here and kept an eye on Steve while I raked leaves, put away garden hoses, winterized the flower garden, winterized the outside of the house. It took me all day raking leaves, but with the strong winds we had yesterday as soon as I raked a section the winds would blow more leaves off of the trees. Today it doesn't look like I did a thing yesterday!

Mom Beutler left today as there really isn't much we can do for Steve other than wait. He really looks great. His coloring is good, he gets up and walks around really well, his exercises he does with ease (oh yes, he complains, but he can do it!). Every day I am more and more encouraged.

As Steve and I were talking last night about how we were processing this entire episode in our life, we both have commented on the great peace, the gentle strength, the calm assurance we felt over the last 2 weeks. We have always said that the greatest asset that we have had in our ministry was our children. When we came to Kokomo Grace UMC we were afraid that we "couldn't do it" without our children. As the heart attack unfolded and the children all came home to support, love, nurture and care for us, we humbly needed to admit once again that it was our children that gave us the most pride, joy, peace, assurance, and strength. The nurses, doctors, and caregivers all commented that we were the most laughing, giggling, singing, praying family they had ever seen. Dr. Coffey (Steve's surgeon) even commented that he loved coming to Steve's room because he always left laughing about something and he said to Steve: "you have some family here Mr Beutler". I don't know if that's good or bad! Ha.

To be a part of a family like mine
where love is shown and support divine
is the greatest gift in all the earth
giving joy and strength, and good self worth

we laugh, we cry, "we're all we've got"
if one is in need and the others are not
my family pulls through with comforting ways
sharing acts of compassion to help through the days

There are no words that express my joy
in this gift of two daughters and one single boy
who have taught us as parents the beauty of life
and made it worth living as husband and wife

This family is growing as "in-laws" appear
and blessings continue as troubles draw near
these spouses that married our children three
were all at the Throne on bended knee

they too were "my family" offering much needed strength
holding my hand - it seemed at great length
I bow to the Father with humble devotion
and Thank Him for every bit of commotion

Then too, I found that my family extended
to the body of Christ - we all became blended
you stood by my side with prayers galore
and loved us extravagantly . . . and then offered more

There is nothing more precious on the face of this earth
than people, or love, and the promise of birth
for birthing across my spirit tonight
is a fresh love for "family" with all of my might.

Okay, enough of this smaltzy stuff. Jeanne Harland wrote Steve a get well note that said something like: "I know that God said "okay, okay, enough prayer already, I'll do it, I'll do it!" Thanks family for your prayers - God did it! Hallelujah, Amen.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Steve and Jayna,

Sorry for all the e-mail notes, but we think of you both every day and continue to pray that God will strengthen and uplift you through every step of Steve's recovery. We pray for strength for Steve and rest for Jayna (until you have been one, its hard to understand that effort expended by the caregiver - physically and emotionally).

We hope you both have a restful and uneventful Friday night and awaken refreshed and ready for a wonderful day of living. We think of you daily and pray for you each day as well.

Our love,

Lee and Sue