Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Long haul

Woah - what a day. It seems that Stephen always has alot of anxiety in the mornings. The pain medicines that he takes seem to make him hallucinate and have bad dreams that he thinks are real. This morning he was afraid that he was violent and had hit me. It scared him because it felt so real. As the morning progressed and we changed the pain medicine, he became less anxious.

Our neighbors, Jeff and Marla Stein, brought over lunch. Stephen hasn't been eating the hospital food very well, but Marla's beef and homemade noodles and my mother's baked apples prompted 2 helpings. Now mind you his helpings are about 1/8 cup, but nevertheless he really enjoyed lunch.

As my mom was here today, I ran some errands. One of my errands was to go to Maplecrest Elementary school and vote. I checked out the possiblity of bringing Stephen in to vote. They told me as soon as he got there, they would bring him to the front of the line. He was very proud of himself today as he got out of the house and honored his country.

We were both exhausted by 6:00 pm - so, I turned down the lights; lit candles; turned on the TV to watch the elections; put on pajamas/robe and got us all settled in for the night. Perhaps there will be some semblance of normality to our life tonight. Hopefully normality - my bet is that we will fall asleep and miss the whole lovely evening!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jayna and Steve -

Great to read you are home. Just don't over do it.

I wasn't out of the Media Center at Maple Crest at the right time to see you.

All your "doings" last night sound all to familiar including the drug store. I've been there and done that.

Take care,
Janet Burkhalter

Dave Michel said...

Can't believe Steve got out to vote! Fantastic!
Blessings on you both.
Dave Michel

Anonymous said...

Hi Jayna and Steve!
We are so happy to hear that you are at home, and are moving through the first steps of the healing process. Many thoughts and prayers are there with you each hour - everyday. Thanks again for this blog. So often, we find ourselves saying "I wonder how Steve and Jayna are doing."
Your notes fill in the information we are looking for with facts and humor, as well.
Love always, Janet and Bill

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve and Jayna,
You are getting a lot done for someone who just had open heart surgery. Glad you were able to vote.
Took Jay to the orthopedic surgeon today. He got a new cast/splint and the Dr. said the elbow is alined perfectly. The Dr. was happy about that but surprised and said he really can't explain it, saying it was nothing that he did. Jay said, "Well, we will give God the credit." I feel God is healing him. Now the bone needs to knit together. We are praying for that.
Love to you,

Anonymous said...

HI Jayna and Steve,

Just was thinking of you both and decided to look at the blog while I am at work. Thanks so much for your regular updates. We continue to pray for healing and recovery and strength for you both as your days go forward. I hope you can feel that we are with you and stand beside you in the good moments and the scary ones as well. We love you both!

Lee and Sue

Isn't it a Beautiful day!!! God's blessings are really everywhere we turn!

Marcia said...

So glad your home. Keep up the speedy recovery and enjoy this beautiful weather. The trees are beautiful. Take it easy so you can get back to that morning service. We miss you.
Steve and marcia