Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Research, research, research . . . man, i didn't know there was so much to learn about food, nutrition, cholesterol, fats (saturated, trans, poly, mono), sodium, protein, and good or bad sugars. I keep telling my children as soon as I get them all together they are going to hear from me about heart healthy nutrition - as heart issues reign on both sides of the family. And as far as my church family goes, you should be very happy that I am not the "preacher" because you would definately get "preached" at as well.

One of my most vivid memories of the hospital stay was going to the hospital cafeteria after the health consultant met with Steve and I. She had just painted all kinds of horrible pictures (which grossed us out) about "fat" and how it destroys our arteries. Then I went to the cafeteria to purchase my lunch. I chose a salad with low-fat dressing and proceeded to the cashier. There in front of me was a gentleman with a big fat hamburger, french fries, Banana cream pie and a chocolate milkshake. You will never know how hard it was for me to keep my mouth shut! Since then I have mellowed out some because when I came home and someone had brought chocolate brownies and peanut butter cookies . . . I enjoyed every bite.

It doesn't take much to wear Steve out. Taking a shower was about all he got accomplished today. He talks about getting back to work as soon as possible. The doctors say that he is not to go back to work for about 6-8 weeks, however he has been on the telephone talking to other ministers who have had open heart surgery and he has convinced himself that after 4 weeks he will be back in the saddle again. Pastor Chris came to visit today and Steve "talked business" - oddly enough . . . that seemed to energize him.

A charming visiting nurse from Greentown came to visit today. She thought that Steve was really impressive. She was amazed that he opened the front door and greeted her this morning. It has only been 4 days since surgery. She talked to him about resting more and not pushing himself so hard. We picked up our dog today and they both seem very content to cuddle up in the Lazyboy. Since POOF has been home, Steve has settled down significantly.

Life is good - wasn't the day glorious. I walked outside today and the sun was shining on the beautiful red and yellow trees. The leaves were falling gracefully everywhere. I can't wait to get outside and rake them. Perhaps Mom will sit with Steve tomorrow and I can get out there and enjoy the season.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve and Jayna,
Sounds like Pastor Steve is the "old dog" who has trouble learning new tricks. He is back to pushing himself, isn't he? Along with the dietary changes, I hope he can learn to destress and rest more. He is an excellent, caring pastor and I know he loves his work BUT STEVE, get some good rest! WE love you anyway, in fact, even more. Jay sends his love too.

sarajworley said...


Thought you'd be happy to know that we're going to have dinner at Five Guys tonight...I've been feeling guilty about it all day, and now I read your post and feel even worse! Ha! But I betcha I'll enjoy my burger, for sure! Everything in moderation, right??

I sure love you. Wish I were there to help. I can't tell you how hard it is being clear down here in FL. Miss you both. Give dad a big kiss and tell him he can't go back to work until he makes it down here! :-)