Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Orca Island

We were up with the sun again this morning and were on the road heading to Orca Island by 7:00 am. The drive to Anacortes Washington was lovely. Actually the little town of Anacortes was a charming sea coast town. The ferry cost $75.00 for all of us to cross over to the island. It was fun to drive the car onto the ferry and it was quite easy. I didn’t quite know what to expect, but it was very well organized and the car organization flow was incredible. The ferry ride to Orca Island was gorgeous, however, we were disappointed with the island itself. We could drive around the island, but the evergreen trees were so tall that you could not see Puget Sound or any of the bays. We wanted to look for Orca Whales along the coast, but the coastline was so high and covered with trees that there was no place that you could sit and watch the lovely coastline. The tide was low while we were there and so there were not any beaches that were clean and suitable. We looked into staying overnight in one of the bed and breakfasts, but the cost was very high (Over $300). We were very glad that we didn’t stay there as the Bed and Breakfasts were not “that nice”.

On Orca Island there was a drive up to Mount Constitution. Once you hiked to the summit of the Mountain the view of Mount Baker was breath taking. It was well worth the climb. We even got Mom up the Mountain. The picture taking opportunities were everywhere.
We drove on to Bellingham WA to spend the night. Nothing very exciting about Bellingham except the hotel was very nice and the breakfast was very, very good.

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