Monday, July 12, 2010

Vacation begins

Yeah. Vacation has started. We boarded the airplane and headed for Seattle Washington. Seattle is quite the eclectic city. Everywhere you look there is modern art! From the Seattle Space Needle to the SAM Olympic Park. The Space needle was interesting to see and we walked around the Seattle center for a long time. There was a music/Sci Fi building that was wierd. There was no rhyme or reason to the architecture. However, the colors were beautiful and psychidelic. .

We also went to the SAM Olympic Sculpture Park. Once again...I just can't understand modern art. Someone took a washing machine, a dishwasher and a desk - threw it out in a weedy field and called it art. There was a concrete bench, a plastic green chair and a plastic box. It was entitled "A Bench, a Chair and a Box". BUT, people were looking at the stuff and it has been called "art" since the World's Fair in 1962.

Stephen's parents are moving slowly, but they are having a wonderful time. Seattle is very hilly and Mom's knees are complaining loudly. Stephen is doing very well. I'm no doctor, but I think he is doing so well because the temperature out here is about 70 degrees. It is cool, not humid and he can breathe much better. He has not been wearing out like he did at home when it was 90 degrees with 85% humidity. Steve has tolerated the city tours, etc...but he really "turns on" when we look to the east and he sees the mountains. So much so that the second day we were in Seattle, he saw Mt Ranier in the background, and he packed us all in the car and drove 3 hours just to see it!

By the way, the car that Alamo gave us to drive is a great big Grand Marquis. We affectionately call it "the big boat". It is very comfortable to ride in - but it has been a little daunting to drive it amongst the little tiny mountain roads and the big city freeways.

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