Sunday, July 5, 2009

My son says we're getting OLD

You ought to see the two of us "OLD" people try to keep up with the church, the house, our kids/grandkids and work - On Thursday and Friday we tried to help Stef/Dan move into their new home in Marion Indiana. What a hoot. I'm hopping around on one foot or crawling around on the floor on my hands and knees dragging my broken foot behind me. Stephen has no strength in his left side since his heart attack. So he was trying to help move furniture, or boxes, etc...and finally he began unwrapping dishes. By the time we got home in the evening we both were so exhausted that it was wise for us not to even talk to each other!

Yesterday was 4th of July, so we went to Jason's house for dinner and then off to Carmel for the fireworks. Well, I couldn't handle the crutches anymore after spending the first two days of my broken foot experience trying to move our other Stephen went to the church to get a wheel chair. (We went to Carmel for thier firework display - which by the way is exactly what I think a 4th of July should be like. There is a big white gazebo in the center of the park with a live full orchestra that begins playing music 2 hours before the fireworks begin. Sometimes a very accomplished singer would get up and sing with the orchestra songs like "God Bless America", or "You're a grand old flag", "The Star Spangled Banner", "Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord...." All around the rest of the park you can buy giant tenderloins, elephant ears, funnel cakes, german brats, snow cones,.... Then there is all kinds of carnival things for the kids to do.)

So Steve put me in the wheelchair (and of course the youngest grandchild got to ride on Grandma's lap until the older one decided that it was her turn!) and we wandered all over the park for 1 1/2 hours, and Steve did pretty well for awhile, then he looked like he needed to go into the wheel chair! Jason took over pushing me and very smart-elicky said "Man, Kendra...we could never move from this area - look, we are already taking care of our aging parents"!

The horrible thing about this comment was that I didn't even care - I was so glad not to be using the crutches or walker, that it was just fine that he was pushing me around the park in a wheel chair. I was very surprised how kind everyone was and would move out of the way for us. Actually there was a lot of smiles on the faces of the people as they would see two grandchildren sitting on the lap of a grandma while eating elephant the rain...being pushed by a 6 foot 7 inch man followed by a 5 foot 2 inch wife keeping step (slowly) with the grandpa who was wearing his son's Notre Dame rain coat where the sleeves were far too long!

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sarajworley said...

This is hilarious! And you say you're not a writer...I could picture the whole scenario perfectly! Love you. Wish I were there to see just how old you look! Ha!