Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving is now over. . . my mind wonders how the homeless dinner went at church. It's so very hard to want to be "everywhere" and experience "everything" and your world consists of 2800 Rockford Lane. I can only imagine the frustration of being "shut-in" and not able to get out any more at all. I know that one day, Steve will be healed and our life will take on some semblance of normality. But, I know of so many people who cannot get out anymore. And, I think of thier spouses that are taking care of them. We call them on the telephone or visit them for 15-20 minutes. I'm not sure that is enough. There is something that goes on in my "shut-in" mind that makes me unsettled, or a little depressed. I cannot be doing what I always was able to do - even as the caregiver. I don't feel productive. I also get frustrated that I want to do things and volunteer to do them, then I am not able to follow through with the task because of the great demands at home, or feelings of being completely overwhelmed.

I know that God uses every experience to "grow" us into more fully developed followers of Jesus Christ. I pray that my compassion has increased for all the people who are confined to their home - and thier caregivers as well. Isn't it funny - you can hear things a thousand times, but until you actually experience it, you never fully understand. Our shut-ins need us. . . I will ponder how to "care" for these friends. Perhaps there is a new ministry for me through this experience.

We went to Steve's parents in South Bend Indiana for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a quiet, small affair - which was what we both needed. Today, however, Steve has a "cough" - for all of you who have had any kind of surgery, you know that "coughing" is not a pleasant thing. He also had a fever last night, so I am keeping him home. Our son and his family are coming for dinner tonight. That will be nice. Blessings on your day today.

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Anonymous said...

Steve and Jayna,

This season is a time to look back on the many blessings that God has given you and to take time to listen for his still small voice in the hustle and bustle of the Holidays. Look at this time you are having of being at home and not being as involved and "on the go" as you may have been in the past as a time to really hear his voice. He has a job for you both even during this "slow down and take it easy time". Please don't let yourselves get run down physically or mentally.

Steve don't push yourself too much. I know the time of healing seems to be taking a long time, but in reality your body has gone through a lot in the last several weeks. Think how long it takes for a small cut on your finger to heal or a bruise to go away. Then think about the extent of the stress and manipulation your heart underwent. It will take time. Be patient. He needs you strong and healed all the way for you to complete the ministry opportunities he has in your future.

Hope the cough is better. Have a good week.

We love you.

Sherry Kalk