Monday, November 17, 2008

Not as Boring as I thought

Well, when I got up this morning, I thought this was going to be a very boring day - not much to look forward to, but God certainly took care of that for us. The telephone began ringing around 9:30 and the Lord brought all kinds of ministry my way this morning. Then, Stephen decided that he wanted to get a haircut, so we loaded him up in the car and off to the Barber shop. They didn't have any space until later in the afternoon, so we walked over to the church office to see everyone there. My, that office is a busy place! We decided to go out to lunch. Ah, this will be the big test to see if Steve can make good diet choices or bad ones??? Hummm....oh....not so good. Oh well, I have my work cut out for me!

We then came home, and Steve actually felt pretty strong, so he headed back to his office, then he began pacing the floor. For about 10-15 minutes he just paced with a very stern look on his face. I asked what he was thinking about and he said "a sermon" - I then said, woah, that must be a pretty sober sermon. Steve looked at me and very passionately started laying out the sermon he had on his heart, eyes full of tears and a strong glean in his eye he said "I guess God is not through with me yet - I'm still being inspired"! He has been moved all afternoon and not grown weary. . . or tired. I'm soaring on eagles' wings.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Ones,
It's been several days since I have read or written in your blog. We have been busy. Lots of Dr.'s appointments for us too. And of course church work. Some good stuff here about Steve's progress. I would love to hear those sermons going on in his head. We send our love and we still pray for you both.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve and Jayna,

I check the blog daily and since there is nothing new since Monday, I am sending my comment at the end of the Monday entry.

We missed you at choir tonight, Jayna! April brought Randy, her fiance, with her and he may join the choir. We heard of a couple of Steve "sightings" at the church and we were glad of that.

Our prayers to you both,
Lee and Sue

Anonymous said...

So good to hear how well Steve is doing. What a miracle!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news...those of us from the South half of Indiana Conference continue to pray!

Blessings and peace, Beth Ann