Thursday, November 20, 2008

Can Dec 5 get here soon enough?

I know it has been a couple of days since I've updated the blog - the truth is, we are pretty boring people in every day life! The last few days we have been up to . . . not much! Steve did venture out to the Men's Bible Study last night, and we have visited the church office a couple of times just to say "hi". We went one morning back to the hospital to have some tests. It seems that Steve has some fluid gathering around his heart, and they are keeping an eye on that. We also thought that Steve had developed a hernia where the doctor put in the heart pump, but that turned out to be excessive bruising. So, there you have it! The exciting journey of Steve and Jayna.

The greatest thing in our life right now is trying to keep Steve from going back to work. He has very wisely agreed to not go back to work until he meets with his Heart Surgeon on December 5th - which is 5 weeks after the heart surgery. I think he believes that Dec 5 is the magic date that he will feel good again and be able to go back to work. He has big dreams for returning back to work. I have loved watching Steve work through this entire "going back to work" issue in his life. He seems to live for that day.

I knew the day I married Steve that he had an incredible work ethic and the highest integrity of any man I knew. As I have listened to him and worked to understand his great obsession to get back to work, I am reminded once again why I love this man so: He loves the work that God has given him to do; He loves his "people" and wants to be a part of their journey; He wants to teach and preach again more than anything on the face of this earth; He wants to see the "light" turn on in the lives/eyes of his flock; He wants to be back in the pulpit and share the new things that God has been teaching him over the last month. And certainly not least, he feels the church is "paying" him to do a job and sitting in his big Lazyboy chair at home is not getting that job done.

As I watch Steve get stronger and stronger, I know that I truly embrace his actions/passion, love for the church or love for the work that Christ has given him to do. He needs to be with people. I know that when he actually does go back to work it won't be with as much "gusto" as he thinks he will have (He still sleeps half the day away) - but what he can do, he will do with joy. For Steve, December 5 cannot get here fast enough. For me, I'm happy to have him home all to myself for awhile longer, but, I will rejoice with him the day he gets to be back in the pulpit again.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying again. First time for me on this blog thing. Couldn't send an e-mail with the address on your church page for some reason. Was so sorry to hear about Steve. We were discussing past pastors and Pastor Amy mentioned about Steve. Glad to know he is past (hopefully) the worst and will be able to get back to work really soon. Just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you all. Don & Sara Spahr (Fairmount U.M. Church) Ring any bells?

Anonymous said...

Dear Steve and Jayna,
Glad to hear things are going well and Steve is being patient in the recovery process. As time passes it will be harder to relax, but that is what will be best in the long run. Also Steve, you may find later you will miss those afternoon naps.
Thanks for keeping the blog up to date sa we continue to be very interested in you both.
Love Janet and Bill

Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor Steve and Jayna,

This morning at church, we were asked to tell our Church Family the things for which we are thankful. Not having the courage to do so, I wanted to share with you those things.

I am thankful for faith, friends, good health, Pastor Steve's healing, Pastor Larry's return to the congregation during Steve's recovery, the beautiful music we enjoy each Suncay - for Grace, for the peace, love and beauty of the coming Christmas Season.

Bless you both,

Karen Fell

Anonymous said...

So good to read your bogs and know that things are going good.Just wanted you to know we think of you guys often and with love and pryers.

Gene and Ernie