Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fishing in Idaho

Ernie had a lovely breakfast of Oatmeal, toast, fresh muffins, coffee and juice, then we headed to some fish license store and the guys bought their fishing license. Gene took us to Perkins Lake. The guys fished from a boat and the girls fished off the pier! Jayna caught the first fish. I think Ernie called it a Red Ear. It was a nice sized fish, but for some reason the Gibson’s throw all fish back into the pond/lake. Mom caught the second fish, a little bluegill. I guess the guys caught only 2-3 fish. It was very hot. Dad had a sweater on and the winds were still. So still you could see mirrored reflections (that we were coveting in Banff and saw very little of).

We went back to the cabin and ate lunch… Fresh fruit galore. Ummm. Raspberries, blueberries, peaches, melons over white cake tasted the best to me. This entire vacation, we have not seen much dessert, so the fresh fruit and cake was wonderful. Ernie also served corend beef, ham and turkey with lettuce, tomato and condiments. She made fresh lemonade and ice tea.

Everyone took a nap, except Stephen and I. We went down into town to fill the car up with gas and to just snoop around for awhile. When we got back we loaded up in Gene and Ernie’s van with the fishing boat and headed to Brush Lake. Once again, the men took the boat and the girls fished off the pier. The day was very hot so Gene was afraid that we wouldn’t catch anything, but the guys were catching fish upon fish. Sometimes two and three fish at a time. Bluegill, Croppies. Bass….Dad wanted to keep most of them, but Gene tosses everything back into the lake. The girls didn’t have such luck. We caught one bluegill and one small rainbow trout. It was rather frustrating, the other people on the pier were catching trout, but no matter what we tried (even asking the advice of our “pier friends”) didn’t work for us. The guys finally come in, laughing and whooping it up, like they caught many fish hollering at us “How many did you catch”? Grumble grumble when they told us they caught 50-60! Gene couldn’t believe we didn’t catch any fish. He put a worm on the hook, threw it out in the water and said “now just sit there until the line starts being pulled out to the deep!” I said, “Oh Gene, don’t you think we have done that tonight”? He said “well maybe, but you had a sinker on your line…this one doesn’t” and in two or three seconds, there was a hit on the worm and I brought in a nice little trout! “YOU MAKE ME MAD” was all that Jayna could say! Gene just laughed!

Dinner was at at “Feist Creek Falls Bar” out in the country. The landscape was beautiful around the “bar”. There was a little pond with huge trout right out in the front of the bar. There were tables sitting out there so you could watch the trout swimming. There was also a lovely little falls along the side of the bar. We sat by the falls and listened to the water falling and feeling the misty coolness of the evening.

We didn’t get back to the cabin until around 10:30, but the men were happy and I think caught the “fish flu” because they were very disappointed when Gene told them that we were not going fishing in the morning, we would head to the Great Cedars in Montana.

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