Sunday, July 25, 2010

We have arrived in Bonners Ferry

We have not had internet or cell phone service while we were in Banff National Park. We are finally able to communicate with our family and friends. It is always a relief to know that everyone is okay and the grandchildren are doing well as well. Stephanie has been having some pre-labor as she has been moving from Marion Indiana to Kokomo these last couple of weeks. The doctor asked her to rest more and not lift as much. Try resting when you are moving! Now I feel badly for not being there to help her! Being a parent never ends does it?

This afternoon we arrived at Gene and Ernie Gibson's log home in Idaho! It is as beautiful as I remembered. You know how you remember something as incredible and when you see it again, it is not that impressive....well....that is NOT true of the Gibson's home and the scenery around it. You sit on the deck and see bald eagles soaring over the valley. The rushing river below glistens in the sun. There is this constant breeze that blows across your face...I tell you I could sit out on the deck or stretch out in the hammock every morning with a hot cup of coffee!

Internet is dial up in Idaho and so I don't have my computer to post our experience in Banff National Park. We will return home on Thursday and I will post pictures and updates when we get home.

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