Saturday, October 3, 2009

Could life be normal this week?

This week has been much better. Our schedule is just as busy, and we are working our tail off, however, we are both handling the stress of life much better this week. Steve has had alot of energy this week. Actually this is the first week that he hasn't had to take a nap - and we have not been going to bed until after midnight. So we are celebrating that some energy is coming back. We seem to do better during the week if we rest during the weekends.

Today was the Conference United Methodist Women Fall meeting. It took place at Grace this year. I was so proud of our people. The men were there to park cars and greet the ladies... We had a lovely chicken salad luncheon - our ladies knocked themselves out... The church looked beautiful; there were signs everywhere, and I could not have been more proud to be a part of Grace UMC in my life. They were great hosts. I got to sing at the meeting with Nancy Hefley. Nancy's husband just passed away and it was the greatest blessing for me to watch her get back into serving her Lord. She had tears in her eyes most of the day as people expressed thier sorrow for the loss of the love of her life. However, she got up there and sang with joy in her eyes. I think that made my day - just watching her. I'm glad this meeting is over - it took alot of planning and organizing. It's a relief not to have to plan something right now...

We have seen and/or heard from more people from our former churches this past week -that has been a great joy. I think the Lord knows when we need encouragement and it certainly was showered upon us this week.

I'm missing seeing our daughter Sara who lives in Florida. It has been since May and I'm getting pretty homesick for her, Chris and the boys. Mason is one now - and when I talk on the telephone with him, he tells me what the duck says, and the cat... He says "Luh oooo" for "love you" and when you say "let's sing Mason" - he says "la, la, la". Grant is 3 and can now carry on a conversation with Grandma and Grandpa over the telephone. They are all coming for Thanksgiving. I can't wait. I guess they are going to be here for a couple of weeks! That will give me lots of time to play.

Jason's kids are in school now. Kinsen is in first grade - that seems to cramp their style a little; They are not used to being in by 8:00 pm - nor are they used to homework! I remember those days! Jaybin is in preschool 3 days a week. He loves being with other children.

Stephanie and Daniel are adjusting to the ministry. Last week Stephanie invited me over to Indiana Weslyan University, where we took a pottery class. I actually "threw" a pot on the wheel. I did fine centering the pot, but I was lousey at pulling the sides up... I threw 6-7 pots, but nothing was keepable. I really enjoyed the class. If I lived closer I would love to take the class on a weekly basis.

Tonight we are going to order a veggie pizza and watch a movie....does anyone know of any good movies out there?

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