Thursday, December 18, 2008

On Tuesday of this week, Stephen had a doctors appointment with the doctor that saved his life (Dr Ritchie) when he had his massive heart attack. I was rather amused that Stephen does not remember ever meeting Dr Ritchie. Dr Ritchie was amused that Steve was asking him all kinds of questions trying to verify that he indeed did have a heart attack. Steve said over and over again, if this is what it means to come that close to death, it's not that bad. After his appointment with the cardiologist, Steve talked all the way home about how surreal it all seems. Like he never really did have a heart attack, that everyone over reacted to him and that he was just fine. I remember when I was told that I had cancer while pregnant with Stephanie - to this day. . . I'm not really sure that I did - I think that whole dramatic episode in my life was just a bunch of doctors over reacting. Isn't if funny how our minds work. Perhaps that is God's way of encouraging us to continue to run the race. Somehow you just "get through" with confidence, peace and stupidity!

Dr. Ritchie once again affirmed the fact that Steve could now do whatever he felt like doing. (I have noticed that Stephen doesn't "feel" like doing too much yet). There was nothing that could harm him - he was not going to have another heart attack - so I need to let him go. I think I am doing better at letting him go . . . well, at least until I see his shoulders sag and a slow step, then I take on my stubborn obstinate wife role that will not take "no" for an answer. Steve comes home and right to his Lazyboy chair! The therapist told us that it would take 4-6 months before Steve would feel like himself again.

As you can tell, our life is very normal again. When I look to see how many people are still looking at the blog, I am overwhelmed that over 100 people still read it a day. I honestly have to say that you have been my strength and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers, your care and support. I am going to discontinue the blog as the holidays approach. We do wish you a lovely HOLYday. Take the time to read Luke 2 with your families. Spend time with your friends. Make many sweet memories. Remember your childhood and let the joy of everything that you see, you touch, you smell, you taste and that you hear consume you this season. I have learned once again that life is beautiful -- Thank you for being a part of our life -

It is rather sad to discontinue this blog - for when I write in it, I feel like I am talking to each one of you and loving you with all my heart. God bless you. Jayna

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