Thursday, October 23, 2008

10/22 - Heart Attack Log...

We have decided to use the blog to keep as many people as possible informed about Dad's condition. So many people have expressed their love and concern for Dad, that we felt it best to put all the information we have in one place for people to access. In the whirl of the events there are a lot of facts and information that has gotten confused. Here is a recap with what we know to be true:
  • Heart Attack started @ 8:00p on Tuesday night (10/21)
  • Dad couldn't sleep all night, kept pacing the floor and complaining of "heart-burn"
  • Wednesday morning, Dad was too sick to go to work and decided to stay home from the office.
  • Mom went to a meeting around 1:00pm on Wednesday and while she was at the meeting, Dad decided to drive himself to the hospital (it's only about 2 miles from their home.)
  • Hospital immediately recognized the signs and prepared Dad for surgery.
  • 2 arteries were 95-100% blocked and another artery was 75-80% blocked.
  • 4 stents were put in place to clear the pathway on the two 100% blocked arteries. (this had previously been reported as 6, but the doctor pulled that from memory and combined the count with another procedure done around the same time - so we got the final tally from his records today)
  • The 75-80% blockage is in a location that prohibits stents from being used. As a result, additional open heart surgery is required.
  • Over 2/3rds of the heart was under attack and it appeared as though extensive damage was done to the heart.
  • After the stents were put in place, a "balloon pump" was inserted to help the heart rest for the next 24 hours. The downside to this (at least from Dad's perspective) is that he had to lay flat on his back and could not move his right leg or head for the entire time.
  • Attempted to sleep. Didn't work out so well.

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