Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lake District of England

July 12, 2007

We began our tour at 7:45 am this morning as we headed to the Lake district of England. The lake district was glorious! Perhaps one of my favorite areas in England thus far because of it’s uniqueness. We drove through the city of Windermere to catch our boat cruise across the Windermere lake to the little city of Grasmere. It was misting (which we are finding out that misting is a norm here – it is always misting) but the lake was lovely sporting pastures lined with stone fences; large stone farm houses laden with rose gardens and honeysuckle draping the stone walls surrounding them. I wish I could paint the picture that we saw with our eyes. There is no way to captivate the green misty glory of this region – our pictures are not adequate, I guess the pictures in our minds eye will be the souvenir that we will take back with us.

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