Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Getting ready

Jayna is getting ready to leave her garden which she loves and will miss - perhaps more than anything else except her grand-children. Mel and Barb Hobbs have offered their services to see that the lawn and garden are kept beautiful and in good shape during our absence.
Jayna had Steve mow the lawn, wash and wax the cars, wash the outside of the windows of the house. Get the oil changed on the cars, sweep the inside of the cars, edge the sidewalks, and clean up the garage for people to be in it while we are gone.
After the work was completed, Steve continued reading the books that he has to complete before he arrives at Oxford University to study. Only 5 more books to read!
Stephen just received information from Oxford informing him of where he will be staying, dress code (suit and tie) and an invitation to HIGH TABLE. Not everyone gets this honor and he is to comply with etiquette. He is to be punctual as other participants cannot be served until he is seated and he may not leave the table until he is excused. He is to sit at the top of the Hall at High Table for the meal and formal dress is required. Whoa, does this sound snooty to you?

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